We are open our regular hours. Come on down.
We are open our regular hours. Come on down. 
Our Portable Batting Cage Is 16' wide and can be made from 16 to 45' long. We need a height 12' clearance.
Portable Throwing Tunnel is about 12' wide is 22' long and 10' tall. You need electrical to use this portable tunnel.


Our Portable Throwing Tunnel


This is a throwing cage with our radar gun and display. Where everyone throws the ball to see how fast it is going. It requires an area of 12'wide x 22' long x 10' tall. And you need to electricity or rent my generator. 


  Great birthday party attraction. Perfect for all ages.

With our radar gun and 20" display, they can see how fast they can throw the baseballs.


It can also be a great fundraiser tool for carnivals, schools. You customers can compete for the fastest pitch of the day. 

Our Portable Throwing and/or Batting Cage.


This can be used for a throwing cage with our radar gun and display. Where everyone throws the ball to see how fast it is going.

It can also be used as a batting cage with our portable special baseball machine or our Softball pitching machine.

 The portable hardball size machine does not use regular baseballs, it uses a special plastic type wiffle baseball. Perfect for all ages.

We can also use a batting tee. 

Our portable cage is about

- 16’ wide

- The sides are 8’tall

- The center is about 12’ tall

- We can make it as short as 16’long to a maximum of 48’long.

It takes about one hour to set up for indoor or outdoor use, on grass, cement, wood floor. Call us to find out.


These are great portable cages to be used at carnivals, birthday parties, fundraisers, Business lunches, let everyone take a few swings or throw a few pitches. .


Call Steve at our Management office, 562-695-3558

Or email him at stevemanook@gmail.com






This machine throws a light weight plastic Ball, similar to a wiffle ball

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